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Karate Leadership UK | Lordswood HQ 


KL:UK was founded in 2001 by Chief Master Marsh & Sensei Diane Marsh at Buckmore park – when Buckmore park closed down its leisure centre in 2003 Chief Master Marsh and Sensei Diane dedicated themselves to building a full time facility to ensure that their students would always have a place to train.


In 2006 the Lordswood Dojo was built and Karate Leadership UK now proudly offers classes to everyone of all ages and abilities, whether you have martial arts experience or are completely new to this exciting and rewarding hobby!

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Master Instructor – 6th Dan Blackbelt

Chief Master Nathan Marsh started training when he was 12 years old, and has been training in the martial arts ever since. At the height of his professional fight career he won the 2001 WKO World heavyweight title in Kumite (Full Contact Karate). 



Senior Instructor – 5th Dan Blackbelt

Master Marsh has been training in martial arts for 25 years, building up a substantial knowledge in Wado Ryu. Along with teaching all different age groups throughout the years, Master Marsh continues to train both Wado Ryu and Ladies Only kickboxing.


Academy Instructor - 4th Dan Blackbelt

Sensei Marsh has been training in martial arts for 13 years, starting when he was just four years old. He has grown up in the Dojo, both training and developing his teaching skills and now regularly teaches classes and after school clubs. He has a keen interest in XMA and is passionate about teaching other students the art of XMA.


Academy Instructor - 3rd Dan Blackbelt

Miss Gibbons has been training with Karate Leadership for many years. (As well as her martial arts training she is also a trained actress). She is one of our longest serving instructors who teaches all programs from Little Ninjas, after-school clubs, Kickstart, Families, Leadership, Advanced and Ladies Only Kickboxing classes. She is also a valuable member of the CIT team. Miss Gibbons has competed in many inter association competitions and has won numerous trophies for her weapons katas specialising in nunchucks


Academy Instructor - 3rd Dan Blackbelt

Sensei Passfield knows what it takes to be a blackbelt leader. Now a 3rd Dan Blackbelt, she started with KL:UK at the age of ten.  Sensei Passfield has worked her way through the ranks, including completing our Certified Instructor Training Programme.  

Making her way to becoming one of the main instructor at our Lordswood dojo. She is also a great competitor in all disciplines, she has won numerous trophies in inter club and association competitions. Sensei Passfield is passionate about sharing the positive benefits of martial arts, that she has benefited from first hand.


Academy Instructor - 3rd Dan Blackbelt

Sensei Stone personifies the idea that hard work brings success. She started at KLUK from our afterschool club and has, through dedication and commitment, advanced to become an instructor. This dedication and passion has also helped her to achieve many 1st place trophies at competitions, and she hopes to compete all over the world one day.



Academy Instructor - 3rd Dan Blackbelt (& 2nd Dan Blackbelt Aikido)

Sensei Margetts has been training with Karate Leadership UK for many years, and trains in both Wado Ryu and aikido as a family with her husband and son. An experienced and enthusiastic teacher, she teaches our karate, aikido and Ladies Only Kickboxing programmes.


Aikido Instructor – 4th Dan Blackbelt

Master Mitchell started Martial Arts in 1979 and over the years he trained and competed in Judo, Karate, Full contact then Kick-Boxing and finally Aikido. Holding Blackbelts in Karate, Ju Jitsu and Aikido he has been teaching since the new Millenium, having been awarded his Instructor certificate and listed on the BCA Register in Jan 2000.

In 2014 the Leadership UK Association named Martin Mitchell as a Master Instructor in recognition of his coaching skills, service to Martial Arts and dedication to developing confident and able students


Karate Leadership UK (KL:UK) The Dojo, Lordswood Leisure Centre, Lordswood, Chatham, Kent ME5 8YE



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