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Karate Leadership UK | Hartley


At KL:UK Hartley it is important to us to ensure we are providing our students with life skills that they can use in every aspect of their lives, as well as their martial arts. We offer our kickstart programme for 5 year olds and up, and families are encouraged to train together. These classes are taught in our training hall, which is located in Hartley village hall. We have use of a high quality matted area and we also have a seating area for friends and family to sit and support our students.

+44 07872 944 825


Senior Instructor – 2nd Dan Blackbelt

Miss Gibbons has been training with Karate Leadership for many years. (As well as her martial arts training she is also a trained actress).


She is one of our longest serving instructors who teaches all programs from Little Ninjas, after-school clubs, Kickstart, Families, Leadership, Advanced and Ladies Only Kickboxing classes.


She is also a valuable member of the CIT team. Miss Gibbons has competed in many inter association competitions and has won numerous trophies for her weapons katas specialising in nunchucks


Academy Instructor – 2nd Dan Blackbelt

Sensei Jackett is a valuable member of our team. She enjoys not only teaching at our Hartley location, watching the students progress in their training, but also trains frequently alongside students continuing to build on her martial arts knowledge, whilst setting a great example to her students

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Village Hall, Ash Road, Hartley, Longfield DA3 8EL

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