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Sensei Wright’s Academies at both Folkestone Academy & Mundella Primary are martial arts schools dedicated to helping all of its students achieve their full potential not only in martial arts, but in life. We offer classes for: 5+ yrs Family classes & Ladies Only Kickboxing classes. 

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+44 07973 153 209


Senior Instructor – 3rd Dan Blackbelt

Sensei Wright is a long term student of Martial Arts, starting in 1988. Over the years he has trained and competed in A.B.A Boxing, Jujitsu, Aikido and a variety of Karate styles Shotokan, Kyokushin and finally Wado Ryu.


Sensei Wright is a committed Martial artist who understands the benefits of martial arts and how these can make a massive positive difference to people's lives.


He is passionate about helping families train together to gain the same benefit’s that he and his own family have enjoyed.


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Folkestone Academy

Academy Lane, Folkestone CT19 5FP

Mundella Primary School

Black Bull Road, Folkestone CT19 5QX

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