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Faversham is blessed to have a brilliant instructor with real drive and enthusiasm to make a positive difference to the local community that she teaches. With both of her daughters, they make a fantastic team and are great role models to show how martial arts really can change lives and bring families closer together.

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Senior Instructor – 2nd Dan Blackbelt

Sensei King is a committed martial artist who understands the benefits of martial arts and how these can make a massive positive difference to individuals, families and society. She began her training with Karate Leadership UK under Sensei Panton at KL:UK Ashford where you will still find her training at every opportunity with passion, determination and an incredible enthusiasm. Currently a 2nd Dan Black Belt and working towards her 3rd, Sensei King is not the only martial artist in the family, both her daughters Madison and Amelia both hold the rank of 2nd Dan Black Belt and the title of Senpai,  Mr. King is an Aikido Practitioner with an equal passion.

Sensei King has competed at many competitions, always achieving great results and bringing home several trophies! She has received the Student of the Year award and the high honour of winning the Warriors Award as voted for by all instructors and Master Instructors. Most recently upon receiving her 2nd Dan qualification she also received the 'Spirit of Excellence' award which is up with a very select few!



Assistant Instructor - 2nd Dan Blackbelt

Senpai Madison has trained hard to become a great role model to the students of KL:UK Faversham. She has a real competitive edge and regularly performs well at competitions where she will often place high in the rankings.  Madison Is a long term member of the Certified Instructor Training Team and this along with her positivity and creativity has guided her to becoming a great Senpai. Madison is a fine example both in and out of the dojo achieving accolades such as House Captain, Junior Road Safety Officer, School prefect and sports team leader.


Assistant Instructor - 2nd Dan Blackbelt

Senpai Amelia is a passionate martial artist and is always on hand to help her fellow students. Amelia is a great example of what hard work and Leadership Skills can achieve. She has reached the level of 2nd Dan Black Belt and won several competitions and awards along the way including our Warrior Award along with her sister Madison and mum Sensei King. Amelia is a well respected part of the Certified Instructor Team and has used the skills learnt from her martial arts journey with great success in all areas of her life. Amelia has achieved, House Captain, Prefect, Team Leader and is also a confident member of the debating team.



West Faversham Community Centre, Bysing Wood Rd, Faversham ME13 7RH

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