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We have a fantastic fully equipped Martial Arts Dojo (training hall), full safety matting, comfortable seating for parents and we are open all week with great parking. The Dojo was completed in 2013 to support our growing Academy and we have classes to suit all age ranges (from 3-65+ yrs) and abilities. We offer premium karate, kickboxing, Aikido and martial arts in Ashford that can make a difference in your life, help you to get fit, give you more confidence and let you feel a bit safer too.

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Master Panton is a Fourth Dan Black Belt in Wado Ryu Karate and a First Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. As One of Chief Master Marsh’s finest students and senior instructors, Master Panton’s skill, hard work and dedication were rewarded in June 2018 by the Chief Instructors of Leadership Martial Arts, when he was promoted to Master Instructor.


Master Panton has been instrumental in introducing the MANTIS Programme (MANAGE ANY TROUBLE IN SOCIETY) to the local community and has a proven track record in making a positive difference to many students both young and old, developing Black Belt students, Instructors and School owners.

Master Instructor – 4th Dan Blackbelt


Sensei Roper is fully committed to both her own & her students training. Indeed if she’s not teaching you will find her on the mats continuing to develop her already great skills, technique and understanding.


Whether its our younger students in Little Ninjas, Families in our Kickstart programme, or Ladies Only students, Sensei Ropers creative & fun classes have proven to make a massive difference to the lives of many. She fully understands the benefits of martial arts and is committed to sharing them with families in the community. 

Academy Instructor – 2nd Dan Blackbelt


Sensei Hayman currently holds the rank of 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate and is well on the way to achieving his 1st Dan Black Belt in Aikido. Sensei Hayman is one of Ashford’s longest training students and will often be the face you will see when entering or leaving the dojo.


Sensei Hayman is a shining example to every student always available to provide additional support, advice and a friendly smile to all of our students. When he is not teaching, training or supporting classes in Ashford you will find him running his own classes in Hythe, Cherition and New Romney

Academy Instructor - 3rd Dan Blackbelt


Sensei Fielding is a success of our Certified Instructor Training and a great example for many to follow. Her journey started as many adults do, watching her daughter from the side lines, however after a short time the entire family joined and worked their way together to become 1st Dan Black Belts. To see Sensei Fielding train is inspirational, she sets the bar high with her determination, hard work and attitude. This combined with her creativity and bundles of energy make her an awesome instructor and role model to her students.

Academy Instructor – 1st Dan Blackbelt


Oscar started his training early, at just 3 years old he joined our Little Ninjas Programme and never looked back. He quickly found a passion for martial arts and progressed through the ranks, enjoyed competing and established many new and long- term friendships along the way. Oscar currently holds the rank of Third Dan Black Belt and is a great support to many of our students. As a junior member of the team Oscar demonstrates great understanding and patience with our younger students and is a key member of the team and the inspiration for many to start their own journey to becoming a Black Belt Leader.

Assistant Instructor – 3rd Dan Blackbelt


Senpai Ella has trained from the age of 3 years where she joined our Little Ninjas programme. She has always been one to train hard and push herself, she sets a superb example for others to follow and has been the inspiration for many to start their martial arts journey, including mum Sensei Roper and Brother Daniel who continue to train as a family. Ella is technically gifted and along with hard work and a competitive nature she is is a force to reckon with at competitions. A real warrior both on and off the mats Ella sets a standard and example for many to follow, she is a long term member of our Instructor training team and is always on hand to help or support her fellow students and instructors.

Assistant Instructor - 3rd Dan Blackbelt


Sensei Mitchell started Martial Arts in 1979 and over the years he trained and competed in Judo, Karate, Full contact then Kick-Boxing and finally Aikido. Holding Blackbelts in Karate, Ju Jitsu and Aikido he has been teaching since the new Millenium, having been awarded his Instructor certificate and listed on the BCA Register in Jan 2000.

In 2014 the Leadership UK Association named Martin Mitchell as a Master Instructor in recognition of his coaching skills, service to Martial Arts and dedication to developing confident and able students

Aikido Instructor – 4th Dan Blackbelt


We use our expertise and knowledge of the martial arts world to provide you with a fast paced and varied fitness class to strengthen all areas of the body. You will find a welcoming environment full of positivity and support. We have years of experience in helping others to reach and surpass their goals.

Whatever you are looking to achieve Fitter 4 Life’s Martial Fitness classes can help.


​No experience is necessary and class is for all ages, abilities, fitness levels, both men and women.



8 Wotton Rd, Ashford TN23 6LL



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