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Karate Leadership UK | Gillingham


Our Gillingham Dojo is based in the grounds of the Brompton Academy's grounds at the Brompton community hub. The Karate style at the Gillingham Dojo is Shotokan, one of the 5 founding styles of Karate and one of the main styles being introduced at the 2020 Olympic games.

+44 07757 510 070



Senior Instructor – 3rd Dan Blackbelt

A 3rd Dan Blackbelt in the traditional art of Shotokan Karate, Sensei Sharma has been specialising in Shotokan karate for 20yrs. Her early training was in Delhi India with our associate organisation under Shihan Pravin of the SMFIA International organisation. Sensei Sharma moved to the UK 9 years ago and began instruction with KL:UK. 

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361 Canterbury Street Gillingham ME7 5XS


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